One of the most difficult conversations I’ve had in a long time was with my nephew. He’s only four years old and he wanted to know why his mommy brought him to visit me. I told him that she needed some help running her weapon shop, but he wasn’t satisfied with that answer. “Why can’t you run your own weapons shop?” he asked me incredulously. I tried to explain it as best I could, but at first all he would say is “why not?” So finally, after a lot of back and forth discussion about how much more money women make than men do, we came up with an agreement:

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if mommy bought him ice cream for dinner every night until Thanksgiving break from school, he would work with me in my weapon shop on Sundays. I’m happy to report that we had a deal! After dinner last night, my nephew came back and practiced his parkour skills before bed while I put away the stock for tomorrow’s customers. The best part? When it was time to close up, he showed me how to do one of his flips off the wall behind our store counter – so now even if mommy comes by again next week, she’ll need two hands instead of just one! -Terry #0011: “Mama”s Boy” ~~ Terry Williams II (a/k/a Uncle T) ~~ Weapon Shop Owner & Behemoth Slayer The most

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