I’m a database administrator and I’ve been working on an important project for the past few days. Suddenly, my computer crashed and everything was lost! There are so many programs that will restore this data for me, but it’s going to take hours of time to find one and download it. I can’t afford any downtime right now because our organization is in the middle of a huge merger with another company. This is why you need to make sure your data is encrypted before crashing your computer or sending it away for repairs. Data encryption will save all your work by scrambling it into unreadable text which means no matter what happens, you’ll never lose anything again! It’s really easy to encrypt files too – just follow these steps: Get a free trial of the software you want to use. Trial versions will encrypt your files for free and give you time to see if it’s what you need before buying a license.

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Install the encryption tool onto your computer so that all your data is protected (in case of an accidental crash, this would automatically save). Encrypt specific documents by right-clicking on them in Windows Explorer then selecting “encrypt.” You can also click File > Properties > General tab >> Advanced button >> check box next to “Encrypted” field under Compress contents to balance speed with storage space usage. This option ensures that only people who have the password are able to read these documents – great for privacy! Add another layer of protection just

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