Today is the first day of school. I am not looking forward to it at all, because my best friend isn’t coming back next year. He died last summer in a car accident and now he’s gone forever. When I was really little, we would play together every single day after school for hours on end until our parents called us inside for dinner or bedtime. We could always find something fun to do:

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build with legos, watch cartoons, or make up stories about who-knows-what? Now that he’s gone, there will never be another opportunity for me to have one more game of hide and go seek with him again.” This blog post discusses how children often cope when their friends die during their childhood. More sentences to continue the blog post: “Children often cope with loss by finding someone else who will play their favorite games or make up stories about them like my best friend used to do for me.” “Predictable routines and familiar settings are reassuring after a death in the family, so keep things as normal as possible if you can.”

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