The Internet can be a scary place, with all the trolls and cyberbullying that goes on. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that there are good people out there too. That being said, here is a list of some of the best memes from around the world wide web. – Because that’s what heroes do meme.

The above image is a “because that’s what heroes do” meme, which means it is mocking the idea of saving people or being heroic when in reality those things are not easy to accomplish and come with many risks. – The good boy who goes back for his toy: This video features an adorable puppy named Caspian trying to retrieve some toys from under a table only to get stuck halfway there. Not wanting to give up, he keeps on pulling himself forward until he falls down onto the floor in triumph as if nothing had happened at all! (This would be one way we could think about persistence!) We’re sure this little pup has picked up quite a few tricks since

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