The world can be a scary place. You never know what’s going to happen next, and it can be overwhelming at times. But there are people out there who stand up for us when we need them the most. These brave souls show their true colors in dark situations, and they’re known as heroes. They have big hearts that don’t back down from any challenge, even when things seem impossible to overcome–and these qualities are exactly what make them so courageous! This blog post will share 11 ways you can find your own courage and become a hero in your own life. The Courageous Veteran is a blog post about what it means to be brave and how you can find your own courage. Follow along as we explore 11 qualities that make up the definition of being courageous! What does it mean to be brave? Who are these people who have so many bravery traits that they’re known as heroes? What makes them different from everyone else in the world, making their lives worth living and giving meaning to theirs every day? I’ll share with you more than just simple definitions: this blog will dissect what exactly one needs to do if they want to cultivate an inner-bravery that’s not afraid of any dark situation. This list explores concrete activities anyone can take on themselves, no matter where or when

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