“The subject of a composition is like a crystal with many facets.” When you are

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, it’s important to know how each facet relates to the others and what they may have in common. What are some ways that you can make your work more effective? In this article we will talk about five tips for crystallizing your subject. Tip number one is to find out what the subject really means. What word would you use if someone asked “What’s your essay about?

” Establishing a clear, concise definition of the topic at hand will help keep your writing from going off-topic or rambling on in an unorganized fashion. Tip two is to know where it comes from and how it got this way. Knowing when people began using that phrase can tell us something about its origins, history, and meaning today. It might be tempting to leave some questions unanswered for style purposes but doing so may confuse readers and lead them down false paths. This approach also makes sense because knowing why things are as they are gives us insight into how we should change them for

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