It’s a new year, and many people have the goal of losing weight. If this is your resolution, you might want to start with making some changes in your diet. One small change that will make a big difference is switching from red meat to white meat for dinner every night! I’m not sure if it’s just me or what, but there are so many delicious recipes out there for chicken and fish dishes that I can’t get enough of them!

This recipe for The Best Meatloaf Ever Will Knock Your Socks Off has been my favorite lately because it tastes amazing and still fits into my healthy eating plan. The Best Meatloaf Ever Will Knock Your Socks Off Nothing is better than a hot, home-baked meatloaf sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy. When I was growing up my mom always made this dish for dinner on Sundays and we would all fight over who got the last piece of bread to sop up the remaining sauce from our plates. This recipe brings back so many good memories because it tastes just as great as that old family favorite! The best part about this meat loaf is how simple it is to make since there aren’t any complicated steps or ingredients involved in its preparation. You can also substitute out ground beef with either ground turkey or chicken which helps lower your fat intake without compromising flavor one bit. It

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