GTAForums does NOT endorse or enable any sort of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the discussion board rules. It is possible to tune the getaway autos once the recovery mission is completed. Enter the car in the basement of the arcade room to tune it.

You can even unlock the Big Con method through Yung Ancestor by going to the Diamond Terrace, a cutscene will trigger and he will contact you afterward. This can also be how you will unlock the decreased rate on the Grotti Furia which is his personal vehicle pixel 3xl amoled background that he will offer you to use as an escape vehicle. Vault Blueprints – on the desk within the administration office, accessible by going via the Inside Track room, and right into a door down the aspect hallway.

The placement of the getaway vehicles informs you of the location of the customer. Knowing what areas correspond to what car places may help you decide the way you need to strategy the escape. When indoors, leaping is quicker than just running. Jumping in first individual just isn’t quicker than jumping in third individual, even though you jump extra frequently in first particular person.

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If you get a mission where you have to go to the FIB constructing, you will first have to go kill some brokers and get the FIB agent pass so you possibly can impersonate that agent. Kill the agents, lose the cop and head to FIB building. Park your vehicle proper in entrance of the entrance as it goes to be helpful afterward whenever you’re exiting. Avoid all the roadblocks on the best way and finally lose the cops. When you reach the destination you’ll have to wait for all of the participants to collect there. The cutscene will play where you will ship the luggage to the buyers and your share will appear on the screen.

Below is a quantity of tips and methods I’ve learned from doing the heist dozens of times, both for the heist normally and for every specific method. A presumably easier methodology could be to enter immediately by way of the roof. Alternatively, you could enter from the front entrance and then exit via the roof. For the primary sort of mission you’ll be instructed to go to a pool party.