Again, identical console command, sport crashed when loading 35 Court. I tried again with out the console command just leveling up by killing enemies in the space then trying again, and it crashed. It’s too irritating to spend dozens of hours setting such advanced mods and simply skyrim fast travel crash xbox one having and unplayable experience. I surprise which logs and information I should post here to make the issue easier to detect. When you say travel do you imply fast travel? It could possibly be a memory issue like hitman47101 says.

Also have you ever run the game from steam in a while? Because if its not discovering FNV then the reg entry might not be there. Delete EVE FNV – NO GRA.esp and EVE FNV – NO DLC, They’re not active and should not be in your data folder, they will only do harm. If not undoubtedly start utilizing it, it could presumably be an handle area problem as there’s a lot of stuff in goodsprings.

Various tweaks to audio system to enhance reminiscence performance. NPCs will now play face cards on player’s stack in Caravan. Fixed rare case where broken stick of dynamite might crash game if thrown. Weapons with recharging ammo now show ammo correctly. Fixed Gomorrah holdout scripting to properly affect companions. Waiting companions will no longer get teleported by the Vault 22 elevator.

Fixed occasion where Boone would continuously holster his rifle in fight if participant had misplaced rep with the NCR. Improvements to navmesh and pathing in Great Khan Longhouse. Fix for Lily’s weapon being displayed oddly on her again.. Fixed Alpha Squad snipers getting stuck when advised to support participant. Fixed case where recruited Remnants had been hostile to participant during HD battle on Independent and House paths.

With this being said, it looks like bugs are still surfacing day after day. According to latest reports, Far Cry 6 crashes lots after new update. Up untill then the game had worked fantastic and I was capable of fast journey between areas. It occurs every time the sport makes an attempt to spawn the character at a brand new location.

Simply select any found location marker from the world map, and one can fast journey to it. Any quick travel, be it from Raven Rock to Rivet City, or from Vault a hundred and one to Megaton, will take one game hour to complete. When stepping on the exit grid in any map, one will enter the world map.

Every time I fast journey from my current location, the game crashes once I try to save…does not matter whether or not it is a quicksave, guide save, or save using the console command. EVERY TIME. This solely occurs after a fast journey. I also crashes when I try to enter the model new space, in this case when trying to proceed Still within the Dark quest on the BoS Hidden Valley bunker…trying to enter the bunker crashes the sport.

I’ll try to travel and the loading display screen pops up then about 10sec in it’s going to shut the game. I already deleted the auto save file in the saves folder and turned off all autosave choices in the main menu, thinking that the autosave was corrupted. I also discovered one suggestion about unchecking the Read Only attribute for the saves folder, however it at all times gets re-flagged as Read Only after I run the sport. I thought that I would let you know that farcry is a horrible accident, the place the game crashes on laptop every time you journey fast or start a special operation. I simply wanted to say that so as to get this exposure from YouTubers. Players say that the sport crashes each time the sport hundreds once they move quick, perform particular operations or within the case when you’re dying.