florida institute of technology or FIT is the state-of-the-art university in Florida that provides cutting-edge technological training for all types of students from the early elementary school to college. FIT offers a full schedule of classes, online, and has offices in Orlando and Miami.

FIT also offers one of the best programs to help you achieve your life goals. This is a program called the Career Gateway. Through this program students can earn credits for jobs in a myriad of career fields. FIT has its own website, which is very well-designed and has a lot of good information about the program. We love the website because it is very easy to navigate.

Many of these programs are geared towards students who are looking for a way to earn money for their future. The Career Gateway is different, it is geared towards students who want to get a job in their area of interest and earn the credits necessary to be able to get their life’s dream job. FIT is a college full of students, who have found great success from the online program.

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