Years before the evens of the sequence, Ryūkotsusei was a feared Daiyōkai that terrified the land. Inuyasha’s father, Tōga, fought and defeated the dragon, sealing him in a state of dormancy. Two hundred years later, Inuyasha’s arch-enemy, Naraku, helps Ryūkotsusei come back to life, and the dragon engages in a fierce battle against Inuyasha.

Beowulf is the protagonist of the epic poem and demonstrates traits of heroism and excessive physical strength. He fights the demon, Grendel, then kills his mother and eventually fights the dragon. Beowulf also displays different character traits similar to fearlessness when he assaults Grendel.

For most of this chapter, Kingston relates the talk-story of Fa Mu Lan, the woman-warrior heroine about whom she discovered as a baby. She blends features of the Chinese legend of Fa Mu Lan with other myths stemming from Eastern philosophy and faith. “Anti” —While the rebellious new child, J.D., could be the one that starts Veronica down the trail of killing her classmates, she doth not protest sufficient to avoid ultimately pulling the trigger herself. Originally a Jujutsu High pupil alongside Satoru Gojo, Geto was exiled from the varsity after his intense hatred of non-sorcerers led to him massacring over one hundred civilians in a single evening.

The anti-hero does the proper thing, however possibly not for the best reasons — and they lack a lot of the characteristics we’ve come to count on of traditional heroes. An antagonist courting again to the earliest moments of Jujutsu Kaisen’s story, Nanako and her sister Mimiko are malicious curse users which have aligned themselves with Suguru Geto. Caring for Geto and displaying an unimaginable quantity if a single lens forms a virtual image of an object, then of zealous loyalty to him, Nanako is an element and parcel to Geto’s dream of a world of sorcerers. Similar to her sister, Nanako may be quite aloof, at one level only agreeing to attack the prequel’s heroes if she shall be in a position to stop by a close-by crêpe shop. All the same, Nanako is a reliable curse consumer regardless of not being on the extent of some of her counterparts.

The former has a female protagonist and targets Land of Faerie and Changeling Fantasy tropes, while the latter has a male protagonist and targets hard-SF “competent man” tropes. Our summaries and analyses are written by consultants, and your questions are answered by real teachers. The epic of Beowulf illustrates the traits the Anglo-Saxons desired of their leaders.