The best are turkey feathers, so we can’t talk about any others. The time to get them is at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then you must get on good terms together with your butcher and have him prevent a boxful of turkey wings.

They lead them out to pasture, guard them, and maintain them together through the day and produce them home at night. They will, when correctly instructed, take a band of goats out for a week on an extended route, and produce all of them safely home again. At least, they used to do this until the lion appeared on the scene. Arrived at the crest of the ridge, we struck a well-defined goat path, and shortly the contemporary tracks of a lion had been discovered. Our canine took up the scent without delay and we began to journey at a speedy pace.

The buckskin thong terminating this portion of the string made it simpler to tie in several half hitches. It was a brief, flat piece of mountain juniper backed with sinew. The size was forty-two inches, or, as he measured it, from the horizontally extended hand to the alternative hip. It was broadest on the center of every limb, roughly two inches, and half an inch thick.

When it involves lacking the mark, that is the subject for a sad story. It takes an inveterate optimist to stand the ethical pressure of persistent missing. In fact, it’s this that spoils the archery profession of many a tyro–he offers up in despair.

The old she-bear reared on her haunches, stood excessive above the circling bunch, cuffing and roaring, the blood working from her mouth and nostrils in frothy streams. Frost himself is likely certainly one of the best of Western types; born and raised in the sage brush country, a hunter of big sport ever since he was large enough to carry a gun. He was in the prime of life, a man of infinite resource, courage, and fortitude.

In autumn she would have weighed four or five hundred kilos. We weighed her in installments with our spring scales; she registered three hundred and five pounds. She was in poor condition and her pelt was not suitable for museum purposes. But these options couldn’t be decided readily beforehand. The juvenile Ursus weighed one hundred and thirty-five pounds. We measured them, gathered their bones for the museum, shouldered their hides, and turned again to camp.

The sound of a bowstring is that of a pointy twang accompanied by a muffled crack. In his youth, Ishi killed a cinnamon bear single handed. Finding it asleep on a ledge of rock, he sneaked close to it and gave a loud whistle. The bear rose up on its hind legs and Ishi shot him by way of the chest. With a roar the bear fell off the ledge and the Indian jumped after him.

In sizzling or wet climate it is of some benefit to rub the string with an alcoholic answer of shellac. Compounds containing glue or any onerous drying substance appear to trigger the strings to break extra readily. Paraffin, talcum powder, or a bit of tallow candle rubbed on the serving and nocking point is useful in making a clear launch of the string. If the loops are properly positioned, the final twisting ought to make one full rotation of the string in a distance of one or two inches. Where it is inconceivable to acquire yew, the newbie bowyer has a big number of substitutes.

Care for it as you would a friend; it’s your companion in arms. When on a hunt one should carry a small quantity of linseed oil and anoint his bow daily which specialist treats diseases and disorders of the blood and blood-forming tissues? or so with it. Personally I add one a part of gentle cedar oil to 2 parts of linseed.