It’s about a female gangster on the loose in Chicago, committing robberies and murders, and the police detective (Dennis O’Keefe) hunting her down. O’Keefe is unaware that she is a woman, thus permitting her to maneuver around freely without attracting consideration. Lieutenant Bill Mason (Dennis O’Keefe) takes the case, continuing mgfg2ll/a his friendly-enemy relationship with crime reporter Ann Rogers (Frances E. Neal). A Chicago gang led by Slade carries out an audacious brokerage robbery. Lieutenant Bill Mason takes the case, persevering with his friendly-enemy relationship with crime reporter Ann Rogers. B-movies like “Lady Scarface” from 1941 are all of a bit.

The plot periodically pauses for comedian and romantic interludes. She once stated that she accepted the role of Lady Scarface within the hope that it would do for her what Little Caesar had done for Edward G. Robinson. While she is very watchable and shows ferocity and toughness fairly effectively, the film simply is not pretty a lot as good as that earlier classic – and Anderson isn’t given much display screen time for a title character. As Mrs. Danvers in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca , Judith Anderson gave a stunning efficiency for which she was Oscar®-nominated and can always be remembered. Barely a year later, surprisingly sufficient, she accepted the title character in a low-budget RKO thriller referred to as Lady Scarface .

Slade has already taken the bait, however, and sneaks into the resort. When Bill and Onslow arrive at the hideout, they discover only gang member Matt Willis, and Bill telephones Seidel with directions to protect the Powells. Deciding to take matters into her personal arms, Ann pulls a gun on Seidel and orders the Powells into her room whereas she awaits Slade in room 1608. Slade, disguised as a maid, enters the room, and in a battle, throws Ann to the ground. Meanwhile, Bill has returned to the resort, and after hearing the wrestle on his dictagraph, breaks into the room with a cross key.

All original material on this web site is copyright © 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 by John Grant. Mary Jordan” is in reality Ruby , girlfriend of one of many gang, set to examine into the Leonard Sheldon Hotel as half of a married couple with George Atkins . There’s confusion on the staked-out resort when real newlyweds Jimmy Powell and Mary Jordan Powell register and ask if there’s a letter there for her beneath her maiden name . RandLog in to submit a correction or upload artwork for this film.

Alerted by a night watchman, the Chicago police rush to a theft at the Securities Building. At a facet entrance to the building, Lieutenant Bill Mason runs right into a cleansing lady with a scarred face. Bill and the cleaning lady’s photograph is snapped by reporter Ann Rogers, who is unaware that the woman in the picture is definitely Slade, the leader of the thieves. Ann follows Mullen, one of many gang members, to an auto courtroom, where she watches as he stuffs $8,000 into an envelope and addresses it to Mary Jordan on the Leonard Sheldon Hotel in New York. Soon after, Bill arrives to arrest Mullen, and Mary reveals him the envelope.

Police try to capture a murderous female gangster and her band of killers. Dennis O’Keefe is a longtime favorite, though I usually find his work higher later in his profession, between stronger scripts and his developing right into a more nuanced actor. Neal is pleasantly spunky because the reporter; the next yr she turned Mrs. Van Heflin, a union which lasted for a quarter century. There’ll even be plenty of motion pictures which may be, let’s say, undistinguished — which isn’t to say they’re without at least some factors of curiosity, and certainly is not to say they’re not plenty of enjoyable to look at. LADY SCARFACE is a peppy little RKO crime film just launched on DVD by the Warner Archive. International shipment of things could also be subject to customs processing and extra costs.

Well-paced direction helps to gloss over the numerous weaknesses in the script. Performances are efficient, aside from Anderson, who’s miscast as a toughened criminal. A Chicago gang led by scar-cheeked Slade carries out an audacious brokerage robbery. Bill Mason takes the case, persevering with his friendly-enemy relationship with crime reporter Ann Rogers. But Mason hasn’t a clue to Slade, principally as a end result of he is unaware she’s a lady.