What is pattan? This is a long, thin pancake, traditionally made with an egg, butter and flour mixture. A long time ago, the pancake was called “kakkakkakkakkakkak” or “panpatan”.

Pattan is traditionally made from the pancake batter and is a staple in Indian food. Pattans are often fried in a very thin layer of oil, and to this day the kakkakkakkakkakkakkaka, is the most common name for the pancake.

pattan is a pancake. It’s a classic example of a non-specific item that has become an iconic part of American culture because of its simple, straightforward, simple, and very satisfying recipe. It is a pancake that you just have to make yourself because it’s one of the most versatile and easy to make ingredients for cooking.

The ingredients for making a pattan are pretty simple. You just need a thick layer of oil, a very small amount of flour, and some salt. The key to making a good pattan is understanding the layering process. That is essentially a two step process. First, you need to start with a thin layer of flour on a plate. This is what makes a whole pattan, because without it, your batter won’t rise.

Once the flour is on the plate, you will put another layer of flour on top. This flour will act as a lubricant and help the flour that was used on the plate to stick to the plate, thus making a much thinner batter.

The layering process is the basis for all of the different types of pattans we have made, including the ones in the movie and the ones that we have in our stores. The process is the same, but we have done it differently to make the various types of pattans.

pattans are basically the same things as the ones in the movie except they are made of flour rather than potato starch. And there is a certain amount of difference between the ones from the movie and the ones we’ve made. The movie ones are not crispy when you bite into them but are chewy and crisp in the mouth. We made our own pattans to be crispy when you bite into them but still tender and moist in the mouth.

Well, the biggest problem with making pattans is that they are not crispy when you bite into them. When you bite into a patta, you only have a few seconds to chew the dough before it is gone. This often leads to the patta being too soft and making your mouth uncomfortable. And because the pattans are made with potato starch instead of flour, they are much more crispy. But the dough is still chewy and crisp.

There is a recipe for patta dough using a flour mix of about 1/3 wheat flour and 2/3 potato starch, which is a lot like the one you are likely to find in a typical patta.

The pattans made from potato starch are very different from the flour patta you find in the United States. They are made in India and China, which also produces a whole lot of flour pattas. The Chinese version are often less crisp and have a slightly sour flavor. And unlike the wheat flour version, the potato starch version does not have a lot of sugar, so it tastes sweeter.

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