The Playstation’s new game streaming feature (called “wrap up”) doesn’t seem to be working for us. We were able to stream a couple of PSN games to our TV, but we couldn’t select to watch live on the PS4. I’m not sure if this is a PSN or Xbox Live glitch, but I’ll be sure to check with Sony as well as our friends at Xbox Live.

We’re still waiting for a fix for the PS4 but we’re hoping to get it soon. If this is one of those things that happens once a year it’s not a big deal but it should be fixable.

It appears that PS4 players are unable to stream select games via the PlayStation app on the PS4, but we’re not sure if this is a game or service glitch or just a bug. We’ve played some PS4 games, and PS4 features in general seem to function properly, so we’re not exactly sure what the big deal is.

Sony is now saying that it is working on a fix for the issue and that the fix should be available to all PS4 players as soon as possible. We’ll update you on this as soon as we hear more.

Yeah, we’re pretty sure the good news is that the PS4 streaming issue is a glitch. It’s not a game or service issue, and it’s certainly not a PS4 game bug.

The problem was the Playstation app itself: it started streaming live videos to the PS4, but the PS4 didn’t know that it was even streaming live and continued streaming the live stream.

The fact is that the streaming problem is not a bug or an issue with the Playstation app. It works fine when we test it on Xbox One, but the PS4 streamer was not using the PS4’s built in streaming app and was streaming to the PS4 directly.

The game itself was affected by this and we’re working on a fix to fix it. Its not going to be in the PS4 app at launch, but the issue should be fixed soon.

But what happens next? Well you’ll get your games through the next generation of consoles (coming sometime in the next year) and it’ll be all better.

So yeah, PS4 Streaming was not working on Xbox One. So not sure what Sony is going to do. The app will start working soon though and itll be amazing when it does. Maybe this is just another bug or something and we won’t see it because of it.

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