Let me be clear. I hate reseller emails. I hate them. I don’t think a reseller can do anything that you can’t do on your own, but I do think reselling your own product or service is unethical. And if you want to get something from me, I’ll sell you something.

I’ve been telling people this all along. When you send a reseller an email, you are effectively taking the reseller out of the equation, and you’re basically mailing the reseller a check. I mean, I have no qualms about reselling my own software; I’m in the same business as you. I’d rather have my own software as a reseller than to have to deal with people who don’t know how to use it themselves.

I know what youre thinking. Youre probably thinking, “but what about the reseller? Why do we need to have the reseller in the equation?” Your thinking is wrong, because you are the reseller. Your reseller is the one who sends an email out to your prospects. They are the ones who are going to click on the link in the email, not you.

The reseller email marketing strategy is one of the oldest and most successful methods of gaining attention for your website. The idea behind it is that you get a list of leads that you can then email to your website. People interested in something you offer will often click on your email and then click on your website. Some of this is just a result of the algorithm that Google uses to rank websites.

Re-selling, or reselling, means that you are selling something to someone else. You want them to take the action of clicking on the link to your website. Most of these people will have clicked on the link before, because they came to your website on their own or because they saw a listing on your website.

For example, a couple of months ago, a website I ran ( had reached a very high amount of traffic and was on page 1 in one of the major search engines. During the last couple of weeks, I had an email from a reseller asking me whether the website we had had reach page 1. I asked him if he was sure about his claims.

It’s important to be sure before going to salespeople who have a history of email marketing campaigns that you’re ready for the sales call, and that the email contains something that will help the reseller understand what the website you’ve advertised is really about. Sometimes the emails are so long that they’re hard to read, and you’ll need to take the time to write them down and put them into a file before sending them to the reseller.

What I personally do is check the reseller email marketing campaign and if there is anything that I find that makes me think that the reseller would be a good fit for my website, I put it in my reseller email list.

This is something that I personally don’t do, however I feel that reseller email marketing is a really important part of the reseller marketing equation. If people don’t know about your website, they are less likely to search for your products or services on your website. If they do know about your website and you do a good job of creating a positive first impression, they are more likely to take action on the next order they get from you.

Email marketing is one of the many methods that resellers use to build a mailing list and to get new customers to their website. They use email marketing because it works. It works because you are going to get emails from people who are interested in what you do. The problem is that email marketing is not the way to build a high-quality mailing list or to attract new customers.

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