I have always enjoyed the village. In fact, I enjoy it so much that I think I may want to move it. That is, until I see this sign.

The sign is from Terry’s website, which is pretty funny considering it’s not that long after his death. The sign reads, “For sale. The village will be auctioned off the day of the next world.” Apparently, Terry has been an avid reader of your humble narrator.

Apparently Terry was an avid reader, too, and he would likely have found the sign to be amusing. I can’t imagine he would have been too upset about it, though. The idea that he would go to the auction and put “For Sale” on every sign in his village has to be one of the creepier things he did.

I don’t know, man. Maybe if he had been a billionaire with money to spare, he might have actually had some sense and put it on sale. But Terry’s village is pretty small. He only had a few hundred or so people and most of them were elderly, so it hardly even qualifies as a town. The village was built in the ’60s, and Terry was probably a hippie back then.

Terry’s village was in fact built before the internet really came into existence, so he must have been a real person in the 60s. The idea that Terry went to the auction and put For Sale on every sign in his village and was then forced to remove it by some mysterious force is just a bit too much to handle right now. I mean, that’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever heard.

But there are also several other reasons that the village can’t really be a town. First, Terrys village is built on top of a hill, so its elevation is probably much higher than any other village on earth. But even if that was the case, the fact that the village is on top of a hill makes it much easier for a natural disaster to wipe out the village. The second reason? Well, this seems to be a more recent theory, but it’s still worth mentioning.

This is the same question that people ask when they see the village on the roof of a building.

The village is built on top of a hill. And the hill is the same height as the village and the village is on top of the hill. So if a natural disaster wipes out the village, the hill would be destroyed, and then the village would just be a heap of rubble.

But if the village is not on the same height as the hill, then the roof would not be destroyed, and the village would not be destroyed. And this is another reason why the village is more likely to survive a natural disaster than any other building.

The village is a great example of building an entire city on its own. The village is made up of buildings that are built on top of each other and connected with bridges. So if a natural disaster destroys one of the bridges, the whole village is destroyed. The builders would have just built their city on top of the destroyed bridge. And then the builders would have been able to rebuild the whole village on top of the one bridge they’ve destroyed.

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