Fogs which are primarily composed of water droplets are generally classified based on the physical process which produces saturation or near-saturation of the air. 74) In terms of annual average precipitation, the rainiest area of the continental United States is the ________. 61) The sky is covered with stratiform clouds and drizzle is falling. 37) In the atmosphere, liquid water collects round minute particles known as ________. 34) The release of latent heat from water molecules known as ________.

D. They are inclined to have anticyclonic situations in the summertime. The American states with the highest common annual incidence of fog are situated on ________. A precipitation sort extraordinarily attribute of the decrease many u.s. companies first discovered marketing during the __________ era. latitudes is ________. The variety of condensation nuclei in a raindrop is on the order of ________. Any buoyant parcel of air is said to exhibit ________. Clouds of vertical development embrace the kind referred to as ________.

The sea immediately south of Formosa is the birthplace of innumerable typhoons, but the excessive mountains of the island protect it partially towards the extreme violence of the wind. On the other hand, an ozoneless east wind is occasionally experienced – particularly in the course of the second half of May and before the beginning of the wet season – which has a prejudicial influence on each animal and vegetable life. The prevailing winds in most components are westerly, but sudden changes, as nicely as the extremes of temperature, are brought on mainly by the frequent shifting of the wind from N.W. The south-west monsoon doesn’t typically prolong, in its character of a south-west wind, over the land. Then the ” hamattan,” or hot, dry wind from the Sahara, begins and brings with it clouds of impalpable mud.

It requires a quick wind, and heat and humid conditions on the surface. Unlike radiation fog, this kind of fog dissipates when no extra wind is on the market, and it can additionally type under cloudy skies. Upslope fog is usually dense, and extends to high altitudes. Sea fog is a special form of advection fog that solely occurs at sea and in coastal areas. It is produced by the interplay of two adjoining ocean currents, the major routes through which ocean water travels, of different temperatures. A prime instance of sea fog happens in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Newfoundland, in Canada.

It provides moisture to the redwood timber; the redwoods take up moisture through their needles. Some water drips off the timber and onto the bottom, the place it’s absorbed by the bushes’ shallow roots. Upslope fog or hill fog forms when winds blow air up a slope . The air cools because it rises, allowing moisture in it to condense. Cold air transferring over a hotter lake floor will result in a ________ type of fog. In the Gulf of Suez the westerly, or “Egyptian,” wind occurs regularly throughout winter, sometimes blowing with violence, and customarily accompanied by fog and clouds of mud.