Determine whether or not each assertion is always, generally, or never true. Two parallel traces are coplanar. Triangle QRS is dilated in accordance with the rule DO,2 . What is true in regards to the image ΔQ’R’S’? Triangle KLM was dilated in accordance with the rule DO,zero.seventy five . What is true about the picture △K’L’M’?

The polygons are not dilations of each other as a result of __________________. Triangle DEF was dilated in accordance with the rule DO, to create comparable triangle D’E’F’. Which statements are true, select three options. Trapezoid ABCD was dilated to create trapezoid A’B’C’D’. Which statements are true concerning the trapezoids? Triangle abc will be dilated according to the rule df,zero.25, where level f is the middle of dilation.

8 ounces of the acid in a second experiment.

Polygon a prime b prime c prime d prime has factors , , , and . Is triangle A’B’C’ a dilation of triangle ABC? Yes, as a result of both figures are rectangles and all rectangles are comparable.

An eight percent low cost is given on the whole… Identify the conclusion of the conditional statement. If you reside in phoenix, then you reside in arizona. In macroland, potential output equals exist100 trillion and the natural price of unemployment is four p.c.

Check all that apply. Derek tried to dilate the isosceles trapezoid ABDC with the middle of dilation at the origin with a scale issue of two. Check his work and full the statements. The slope of AC is __. The slope of EG is __.

In the query, unemployment price goes from 2% to 5%, that means unemployment goes up by 3%, so the gdp drops by 6%. Thus the impact is a drop in gdp by 6%. The size who’s who in academia by joseph bozanek. of aspect MN is 2 units. The length of aspect M’N’ is 5 units Sides MQ and M’Q’ each have the same slope, 1.