If the cockpit voice recorder has a bulk erasure gadget, the set up should be designed to attenuate the probability of inadvertent operation and actuation of the device throughout crash impact. Except as supplied in paragraph of this section, the recorder container should be situated as far aft as practicable, but need not be outdoors of the pressurized compartment, and will not be located where aft-mounted engines may crush the container throughout influence. If the stations specified in paragraph of this part aren’t required or if the signal at such a station is picked up by one other channel, each microphone on the flight deck that’s used with the passenger loudspeaker system, if its indicators are not picked up by one other channel. Surface temperature developed by the generator during operation could not create a hazard to the airplane or to its occupants. There should be a person dispensing unit for every occupant for whom supplemental oxygen is to be provided. Units must be designed to cover the nose and mouth and should be geared up with an acceptable means to retain the unit in position on the face.

Locations of the holes in the pads and stainless steel cover plates are proven in Figure 2B of this half IV. The truncated diamond-shaped mask of .042 ±.002 inch (1.07 ±.05mm) stainless steel must be added to offer uniform heat flux density over the world occupied by the vertical pattern. The time at which flame penetration occurs, if applicable, for every of the three specimens examined.

The resultant water load consists of a part equal to zero.75 occasions the load specified in paragraph of this part and a aspect element equal to 3.25 tan β times the load specified in paragraph of this section. The side load should be applied perpendicularly to the airplane of symmetry of the float at a point halfway between the keel and the chine. The space over which these pressures are utilized should simulate pressures occurring throughout excessive localized impacts on the hull or float, but needn’t prolong over an area that would induce crucial stresses in the frames or in the total structure. The hull and primary float construction, together with frames and bulkheads, stringers, and backside plating, should be designed under this section. Runway crown effects should be thought of with the nose gear unit on either slope of the crown. Any unequal tire inflation strain, assuming the maximum variation to be ±5 percent of the nominal tire inflation pressure.

1.zero × three.0 inch (25 × seventy six mm) baffle plate of .018 ±.002 inch (.50 ±.05 mm) stainless-steel have to be centered inside the stack, perpendicular to the air move, 3 inches above the base of the stack. A radiant warmth source incorporating 4 Type LL silicon carbide parts, 20 inches long by .sixty three inch O.D., have to be used, as shown in Figures 2A and 2B of this half IV. The heat source should have a nominal resistance of 1.four ohms and be able to generating a flux as much as one hundred kW/m2. The silicone carbide elements have to be mounted within the chrome steel panel box by inserting them by way of .sixty three inch holes in .03 inch thick ceramic fiber or calcium-silicate millboard.

Each flexible control should be accredited or have to be proven to be appropriate for the actual software. There have to be provisions for lubricating the turbine and for cooling turbine parts the place temperatures are important. Each exhaust system component should be ventilated to stop points of excessively high temperature. Critical engine inoperative and its propeller stopped. The breather does not discharge into the engine air induction system.

For airplane systems for which the power to remove or reset energy throughout regular operations is critical, the system should be designed so that circuit breakers usually are not the first means to remove or reset system power except particularly designed for use as a change. When the flight steering system is in use, a method have to be provided to keep away from excursions beyond an appropriate margin from the speed range of the normal flight envelope. If the airplane experiences an tour exterior this range, a way must be supplied to prevent the flight steering system from providing guidance or control to an unsafe velocity. Be readily and easily detectable and intelligible by the flightcrew under all foreseeable working conditions, together with situations where a number of alerts are provided. Each flight, navigation, and powerplant instrument for use by any pilot must be plainly visible to him from his station with the minimal practicable deviation from his normal position and line of imaginative and prescient when he’s looking forward along the flight path. A means to indicate, to the flight crew, the operation of every engine starter that could be operated constantly however that is neither designed for steady operation nor designed to forestall hazard if it failed.

Immediately prior to recording methane circulate rates, a flow fee of 8 liters/min. Must be used for 2 minutes to precondition the chamber. This just isn’t recorded as part of calibration. The fee have to be decided through the use of a stopwatch to time a complete revolution of the wet check meter for both the baseline and higher flow a heated liquid placed in a closed container will vaporize until –, with the move returned to baseline before altering to the subsequent larger flow. The thermopile baseline voltage must be measured. The gas circulate to the burner must be elevated to the upper preset flow and allowed to burn for 2.0 minutes, and the thermopile voltage must be measured.