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The appropriate plural of the noun lawyer is _attorney. The main … A seven-inch sidewalk is being added round a triangular pond with side lengths 3s − 2, 4s and s + 3. Write an expression to symbolize the perimeter o…

The radius of the circle is 18 units. What is the realm of the area bounded by the inside of the circle and the surface of the hexagon. Round your answer to the closest hundredth. A triangle has a base of 10 inches and a top of eight inches. What percent of the realm of the triangle is inside 4 inches of the base? Access to your account might be opened after verification and publication of the question.

Explain why or why not. 6900 dollars is placed in an account with an annual rate of interest of 8.25%. How a lot might be in the… In which one of many following sentences could you greatest use a semicolon?

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Pleasecorrect my english grammar below. I wish to avail company’s transportation to drop and choose me up throughout my working days. Please take away my month-to-month transportation allowance. Thank you on your assist and cosideration. From my homework, I actually have to to seek out the realm of circle.

The diameter of a circle has endpoints P(–10, –2) and Q. A.Find the center of the circle. B.Find the radius. If your answer isn’t an integer, express it in radical kind. C.Write an equation for the circle.

Seven college students cut 5 3/4 inches of thread from a spool for a college pr… The smaller triangle is a pre-image of the larger bolt cutters home depot triangle. The middle of dilati…