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Our blog is currently hiring writers worldwide to write blog articles regularly. Anyone with Microsoft word-processing software can sign up and contribute to our blog on your terms. The opportunity is open to everyone, regardless of location, language preference, or specific experience. 


If you have never written anything for the internet before, about the industry news, politics, or anything, this job could be a breakthrough for your career as an online content provider.


To work for our blog, all you need is a word processor and the ability to write coherently. What you do with your blog article will be up to you. We have absolutely no limitations on what type of content we are looking for, so feel free to contribute with anything you feel would benefit the blog’s readership.


Our goal is to create a high-quality blog with interesting and relevant articles daily. If you are looking for a way to boost your online reputation or just want to create an additional income stream, look no further.


What You Will Gain:


– As much work as you can handle


– Content that is written by you. You will never have to worry about copy-pasting or reusing someone else’s content. Your name will always be on your articles and what you write will stay there forever.

Why is write for us important to grow your business?

Massive amount of traffic, to increase your online visibility.


– Always write what you know. Our blog readers are interested in technology and business topics, therefore chances are they will be interested in what you contribute.


– Good source of passive income, to generate extra revenue for yourself.

Keep these things in mind while writing for us:

– A proven track record of success is a valuable attribute of every writer. If you have already written for other websites or blogs, we will make sure to recognize your work.


– We have a large number of free articles available on our blog, so if you are new to blogging we will teach you everything you need to know.


– We are a subsidiary of a big company and are dedicated to delivering quality content while providing an environment that motivates and encourages creativity.

Guidelines to follow for article submission:

– The topic should be something readers would be interested in.

– Please provide a credible and unique website address, all articles will be written on our blog, so links to your site are optional but will be appreciated.

We are looking for articles that are interesting and original, and that can:

– Add value to our readership, and keep them informed about the latest industry news and trends.

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Submit your pitch here:

Articles must be written on a topic different from the topic of other articles already posted on our blog. We refuse to publish duplicated content, as it will make our blog appear spammy.


All articles will be published with your name on them. Articles must be your work. We will not publish articles that are plagiarized. 


You may post articles that are informative, persuasive, controversial, and/or interesting. Just make sure they are grammatically correct and well-written.

Email : press@guestfluencer.com