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The WVU Football Schedule for 2024: A Promising Season Ahead

West Virginia University (WVU) football fans have much to look forward to in the upcoming 2024 season. With a challenging schedule that includes both conference rivals and non-conference powerhouses, the Mountaineers are poised to make a statement on the national stage. In this article, we will delve into the details of the WVU football schedule for 2024, highlighting key matchups, potential storylines, and the team’s prospects for success.

1. Non-Conference Showdowns

The 2024 WVU football schedule features several intriguing non-conference matchups that will test the team’s mettle early in the season. These games provide an opportunity for the Mountaineers to prove themselves against formidable opponents from other conferences.

1.1. Ohio State Buckeyes

One of the most highly anticipated games of the season is the clash between WVU and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Ohio State has consistently been one of the top programs in college football, and this matchup will serve as a litmus test for the Mountaineers. The game will take place at Mountaineer Field, providing WVU with a home-field advantage.

Key Takeaway: The game against Ohio State will be a crucial test for WVU, and a victory would establish the Mountaineers as a force to be reckoned with.

1.2. Penn State Nittany Lions

Another non-conference matchup that has fans buzzing is the showdown with the Penn State Nittany Lions. This regional rivalry adds an extra layer of excitement to the game, as both teams vie for bragging rights in the state of Pennsylvania. The game will be played at a neutral site, further intensifying the competition.

Key Takeaway: The game against Penn State will be a closely contested battle, with both teams eager to claim victory and assert their dominance in the region.

2. Conference Challenges

The Big 12 conference is known for its competitiveness, and the 2024 season will be no exception. WVU will face tough conference opponents, including perennial powerhouses and emerging contenders. These conference matchups will be crucial in determining the Mountaineers’ standing within the Big 12.

2.1. Oklahoma Sooners

As one of the premier programs in college football, the Oklahoma Sooners present a formidable challenge for WVU. The Mountaineers will face the Sooners on the road, making the task even more daunting. However, WVU has a history of performing well against Oklahoma, and this game could be a turning point in the season.

Key Takeaway: A victory against the Oklahoma Sooners would not only boost WVU’s confidence but also solidify their position as a contender in the Big 12.

2.2. Texas Longhorns

The Texas Longhorns are another conference rival that WVU will face in the 2024 season. This matchup has developed into a fierce rivalry in recent years, with both teams consistently battling for supremacy in the Big 12. The game will be played at Mountaineer Field, providing WVU with a home-field advantage.

Key Takeaway: The game against the Texas Longhorns will be a pivotal moment in the season, with both teams aiming to gain an edge in the conference standings.

3. Potential Storylines

Aside from the individual matchups, the 2024 WVU football schedule presents several potential storylines that could captivate fans and pundits alike. These storylines add an extra layer of intrigue to the season and provide talking points for analysis and discussion.

3.1. The Rise of WVU’s Quarterback

One potential storyline revolves around the development of WVU’s quarterback. With a talented signal-caller at the helm, the Mountaineers’ offense could become a potent force, capable of dismantling even the toughest defenses. The quarterback’s performance throughout the season will be closely scrutinized and could be a determining factor in the team’s success.

3.2. The Emergence of Defensive Standouts

Another storyline to watch is the emergence of defensive standouts on the WVU roster. A strong defense can often be the difference-maker in close games, and if the Mountaineers’ defense can stifle opposing offenses, they will be a formidable team to contend with. Keep an eye on standout players who could make a significant impact on the field.

4. Prospects for Success

Based on the schedule and the team’s overall talent, the prospects for success in the 2024 season look promising for WVU. The Mountaineers have a balanced mix of challenging non-conference matchups and conference games that will test their mettle. If they can navigate these hurdles successfully, they have a legitimate chance of contending for the Big 12 championship and potentially securing a spot in a prestigious bowl game.

Key Takeaway: The 2024 WVU football schedule presents a challenging yet exciting season for the Mountaineers. With key non-conference matchups and conference battles against perennial powerhouses, WVU has an opportunity to make a statement on the national stage and solidify their position as a contender in college football.


1. Will WVU have a bye week during the 2024 season?

Yes, WVU will have a bye week during the 2024 season. The exact date of the bye week will be determined closer to the start of the season, but it will provide the team with a much-needed break and an opportunity to regroup before facing their conference rivals.

2. Are there any notable away games on the schedule?

Yes, there are several notable away games on the 2024 WVU football schedule. The Mountaineers will face tough opponents on the road, including the Oklahoma Sooners and other conference rivals. These away games will test WVU’s ability to perform under pressure in hostile environments.

3. How does the 2024 schedule compare to previous seasons?

The 2024 schedule is similar in terms of competitiveness to previous seasons. WVU consistently faces challenging opponents in the Big 12 conference, and the non-conference matchups add an extra layer of difficulty. However, the team’s performance in recent years has shown that they are capable of competing at a high level and achieving success.

4. Can WVU secure a spot in a prestigious bowl game with a successful season?

Yes, if WVU has a successful season and performs well in conference play, they have a legitimate chance of securing a spot in a prestigious bowl game. The selection process for bowl games takes into account a team’s overall record,

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