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Crypto Marketing Tools to Ease Your Daily Life

Ease your daily life with some of the best crypto marketing tools for ico promotion out there. Find these helpful tools to make your marketing tasks easier and let you focus on bringing more users into the crypto market.

The Bitcoin futures make it easy for investors to trade in cryptocurrencies without having to actually purchase them. With more investors interested in trading digital assets, the futures played a significant role in helping new players enter the market without necessarily having their own cryptocurrency wallet yet. The popularity of Bitcoin has also led many people to take a look at other digital currencies like Ethereum and Ripple, which are just as exciting as Bitcoin was 10 years ago when it was still a novel idea.

1. Coinigy – Web Based Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Coinigy allows you to monitor, trade and automate your cryptocurrency trades across multiple exchanges.

The free plan will allow you to connect only one exchange at a time and the paid plans start at $19/mo + $10 for each additional exchange.

Depending on what you’re looking for, this could be a good investment if you’re planning to use multiple exchanges and want an overall look at your cryptocurrency portfolio.

2. Bitfinex – Cryptocurrency Trading Platform & Exchange

Bitfinex is a trading platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies. It’s similar to stock trading platforms but on a digital currency level. 

The exchange supports a variety of trading pairs between multiple cryptocurrencies. The free plan allows you to trade a maximum of 5 cryptocurrencies and the premium plan costs $100/yr.

For its services, the platform charges 0.2% per trade on larger orders, 0.1% for small orders and 0.005% for very small orders. Our site list is here.

3. Coinmarketcap – Cryptocurrency Market Cap List

Coinmarketcap allows you to find out how much buying power a given cryptocurrency has in every pool in the world (getting rid of fake prices). It also shows the price history for each cryptocurrency and the total market cap for Bitcoin (although it does not list the daily volume).

4. Coinigy – Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Coinigy is a powerful trading platform with multi-currency support and an incredibly intuitive interface, which can help you discover new opportunities and execute your trades in seconds.

The platform allows you to trade charts in a number of different time frames to visually analyze price trends for any crypto on any exchange. It integrates with all major exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex and Bitfinex.

5. CryptoCompare – Trading Platform & Exchange Comparison Site

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrencies, but know a bit about trading conventional stocks and FOREX currencies, CryptoCompare is a great tool for you.

The platform allows you to compare prices on different exchanges in an elegant and user-friendly interface. You can set up price alerts and check out the trading activity on each exchange.

You can also try their demo account so that you don’t miss a thing before you start trading for real Manaul Outreach.

6. TradingView – Real-Time Chart Visualizer & Analysis Tool

TradingView is a charting and analysis platform for traders. This tool allows traders to get a visual representation of market trends, and it allows them to create their own forecasts based on technical analysis of each chart they load into the program.

The platform supports a number of exchanges with over 100 000 registered users.

7. CryptoTrader – Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

CryptoTrader is a professional trading platform with built-in technical indicators, price alerts, and stop-loss orders. The tool also supports custom indicator development through an API that is available on request.

The platform allows you to connect to multiple exchanges and offers features like price alerts, visualization of trade history, charting and more.

You can also set up payment reminders, where you will be sent an email notification when a trade reaches a certain threshold you set for the amount of money you’ve invested in it or the amount of profit that you’ve gained from it.

8. CoinTracking – Coin Tracker & Analytics Tool

CoinTracking is a blockchain based cryptocurrency accounting solution that allows you to track and analyze your activities.

The tool offers detailed reports on your activity and the Bitcoin network, allowing you to keep track of your trades and view transaction history with charts and charts.

9. CryptoWoo – Cryptocurrency Advertising & Affiliate Marketing Platform

CryptoWoo is a complete advertising platform for online marketers looking to advertise their services or products on other websites together with cryptocurrency payments. Currently, the service supports three cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

The platform allows you to create banners and make advertising campaigns for cryptocurrencies. You can also sign up for the affiliate program which will earn you rewards when a visitor converts your referral code into their coin of choice.

10. CoinPip – Cryptocurrency Payment Processor & Merchant Gateway

CoinPip is a crypto transaction service that connects merchants with buyers using fiat and crypto currencies. The platform claims to simplify the integration of cryptocurrency payments with e-commerce websites and it allows users to specify their own requirements in regards to each transaction.

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